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Hurricane Fabric delivers “full envelope” protection of your home or commercial property, against hurricane-force winds and prevents the rapid pressurization of the building. 

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Hurricane season can be a nerve-wracking time for property owners, especially those living in a coastal area like we do here in North Florida. The destructive power of hurricanes is well-known, and the damage they can cause to homes and businesses is devastating. However, there is a solution that can provide effective protection against these powerful storms: hurricane fabric.

Hurricane fabric is a specially designed material that is installed over windows, doors, and other vulnerable areas of a property. It acts as a protective barrier, shielding the structure from the strong winds and flying debris associated with hurricanes. Hurricane Fabric is a resin-coated hybrid fabric that has nearly twice the burst strength of our closest competitor, providing unmatched protection from hurricanes. Hurricane Fabric delivers “full envelope” protection of your home or commercial property, against hurricane-force winds, and prevents the rapid pressurization of the building. This rapid pressurization is what causes roof lift-off and catastrophic damage. Hurricane Fabric weighs just ounces per square yard making it one of the easiest systems to manage.

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When it comes to storm protection, there are several options available on the market. However, hurricane fabric stands out for its unique combination of effectiveness, affordability, and convenience. Unlike storm shutters, which can be bulky and difficult to operate, hurricane fabric is lightweight and can be easily installed by homeowners themselves. It also offers a clear advantage over plywood boarding, which can be time-consuming to put up and take down, and may not provide adequate protection against flying debris.

In comparison to impact-resistant windows, hurricane fabric provides a more cost-effective solution. Impact-resistant windows can be expensive to install, especially for larger properties, whereas hurricane fabric offers comparable protection at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the transparent nature of the fabric allows natural light to enter the property, creating a more pleasant and inviting interior environment.

Property Owners Using Hurricane Fabric

Many property owners have successfully protected their homes and businesses using hurricane fabric. Testimonials and success stories abound, highlighting the effectiveness and peace of mind that comes with this storm protection solution. Property owners have praised the ease of installation, the affordability, and the overall performance of hurricane fabric during hurricanes and severe storms.

One homeowner, John Davis, shared his experience with hurricane fabric: “Living in a coastal area, hurricanes are a constant concern. After installing hurricane fabric on our windows, we were amazed at how well it held up during a recent storm. Not only did it provide excellent protection against flying debris, but it also allowed natural light to enter our home, creating a more comfortable atmosphere. We highly recommend hurricane fabric to anyone looking for reliable storm protection.”

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